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We are bringing Coolerworx experience yet to another car! From now on Renault Megane III RS owners can get best possible shifting experience directly from Coolerworx.

Renault Megane III RS short shifter

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  • Carbon edition

    COOLERWORX Short Shifter PRO Mini Carbon Edition (F56)

    • ✔️ Real carbon sleeve!
    • ✔️ Every shifter assembled by hand
    • ✔️ 40% reduced throw between gears
    • ✔️ Centering spring, no more loose shifter
    • ✔️ Precision with every gear change
    • ✔️ Bolt-on fit to standart shifter place
    • ✔️ Fits original shifter cables
    • ✔️ Lockout reverse gear from accidental shift
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