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What is short shifter?

Short Throw Shifter shortens the distance that your hand needs to move between gears. This increases the speed at which the gear is selected, making the whole shifting motion way more efficient. It’s common practice in the motorsports world to provide more driving efficiency by saving time and allowing the driver to return his hand back on the steering wheel quicker. Short Shifter does not change anything in the transmission itself so there’s no way to damage anything. The only thing that’s modified is the geometry of shifter which results in a reduced distance that the shift knob needs to travel.

  • Another advantage of the COOLERWORX Short Shifter is a tall handle, which can be reached by a hand from the wheel very quickly. This allows for more focused driving experience and results in shorter reaction time.
  • The PRO version of the shifter comes with a self-centering spring which removes any excess shifter movement and makes gear shifting more precise, with clearer tactile feedback.
  • Every COOLERWORX Short Shifter has adjustable reverse gear lockout which can be tuned precisely for your car and personal preferences.
  • COOLERWORX Short Shifter is a professional level modification that comes with a matching design, properly sport-tuned feeling and most importantly – increased performance.
    With easy installation and setup, COOLERWORX Short Shifter is beneficial for any type of scenario. Starting from daily road commuting, driving on a track day or professional level motorsports.