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COOLERWORX Short Shifter Direct Fit Kit BMW

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✅ 100% bolt-on
✅ no drilling necessary
✅ integrated dust sleeve

BMW Shifter can be installed directly on top of a tunnel using the universal fit pad that comes with every BMW shifter by default.

This method works great and the shifter holds really well. The process: drilling holes in the tunnel, searching for bolts, making dustcover, can sometimes be cumbersome and hard not to mention take a really long time.

That’s why we’ve designed the Direct fit kit. Products are made individually for each BMW chassis (you can learn more about chassis here) i.e E36, E46, etc. and there are different pads for Standard and PRO shifter versions. 

All you need to do to use the direct fit kit by COOLERWORX is:

  • remove original shifter,
  • install direct fit kit and COOLERWORX Short shifter in its place.

That’s it! No drilling of holes, no screwing or other lengthy and tiresome operations.

It’s a simple and easy installation!


This will be your once in a year chance to grab a deal for beloved Coolerworx short shifter. Don't miss your chance.