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Pro Short Shifter 6 Speed for Mazda MX-5 NC

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  • Why choose PRO? It has a self-centering spring. What advantages does this feature offer?

    • Self-centering spring 95% compensate gearbox wear and tear
    • More firm and crip shifting experience 
    • Reduces chance to miss shift


  • Full kit to use in  Mazda MX 5 NC 6 Sped 
  • 40% shorter throw between gears
  • Self-centering spring prevents any free-play, helps to engage gears more precisely
  • Shortened gear change pattern allows to switch between gears much much faster!
  • Shifter is mounted directly to chassis as opposed to OEM shifter which is mounted to gearbox, this gives much stiffer and better shifting experience
  • Can be used with OEM gearbox/engine mounts
  • Longer handle allows for shifter to sit closer to wheel, therefore giving better performance in race application 
  • Original H patter remains, but it is much shorter and precise.
  • Reverse / 5 / 6 gears can be locked using included screws
  • Interior plastics can be installed with little to no modifications
  • High quality materials guarantee problem free shifting
  • World wide warranty for every purchase


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