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COOLERWORX Short shifter PRO VW / AUDI / SKODA / SEAT (02A / 02J) Top Mount

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This shifter is topmount version, meaning that cables will have to be rerouted to go inside the car. Shifter is useful in situations with retrofitted gearbox (i.e 02A gearbox in VW Golf I). It also can be used in cars where these gearboxes are OEM, i.e for racing applications, cars with no interior, etc.
    • Full kit to use in car from list above.
    • 40% shorter throw between gears
    • Self-centering spring prevents any free-play, helps to engage gears more precisely
    • Shortened gear change pattern allows to switch between gears much much faster!
    • Can be used with OEM gearbox/engine mounts
    • Longer handle allows for shifter to sit closer to wheel, therefore giving better performance in race application
    • Original H pattern remains, but it is much shorter and precise.
    • Reverse / 5 / 6 gears can be locked using included screws
    • Interior plastics may require some modifications
    • High quality materials guarantee problem free shifting
    • World wide warranty for every purchase 


    This shifter fits following cars:

    Seat Ibiza (6K) VW Corrado
    VW Golf 2, 3
    VW Jetta (16E/19E, 1G2)
    VW Passat (B3, B4)


    It also fits all cars with 02A and 02J old version gearboxes. It is easy to distinguish if you have correct gearbox by looking at cable ends inside the car, there must be two cables with different diameters and sizes.

    Contact us if you have any hesitations