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COOLERWORX Short shifter AUDI B3 B4 B5 B6 B7 C4 C5 C6

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      • 40% shorter throw between gears
      • Shortened gear change pattern allows to switch between gears much much faster!
      • Shifter is mounted directly to chassis as opposed to OEM shifter which is mounted to gearbox, this gives much stiffer and better shifting experience
      • Longer handle allows for shifter to sit closer to wheel, therefore giving better performance in race application
      • Height above tunnel approx. 310mm
      • Can be used with OEM gearbox/engine mounts
      • Original H patter remains, but it is much shorter and precise.
      • Reverse / 5 / 6 gears can be locked using included screws
      • Interior plastics can be installed with little to no modifications
      • High quality materials guarantee problem free shifting
      • World wide warranty for every purchase

Audi 100 C4
Audi 80 (B3, B4)
Audi A4 (B5, B6, B7)
Audi A6 (C4, C5, C6)

Shifter fits following gearboxes:

  • 012
  • 01W
  • 01A
  • 01E
  • 01X
  • 02X
  • 0A3

Please keep in mind this shifter can be used where gearbox is swapped in another chassis.

Audi 80 B3 and Audi 80 B4 requires selector rod from Audi A4 B5. 

Audi 100 C4 shifter comes with direct fit, but shifter installation need modification and changes in linkage. Please note it.